Nuts and Bolts

The Steed: Dave Becker's vintage 1990 Fisher Hybrid cyclocross bike is decked out with stretchy drop bars and trick shifter levers. Classic, rugged Shimano Mountain LX components grace the bombproof frame, custom designed in Korea from thick lead pipes. The original custom wheelset from Chris Roels's Rock Lobster takes the beating with few complaints aside from the regular poing of a spoke which just can't hold on anymore. It garnered many compliments in Vietnam. I had several offers to buy this bad boy from people way too small to straddle the seatpost. No way! Thanks to Dave, who basically gave me this bad boy, and Chris, who gave me the wheels.

I want to thank some people who styled me out in various ways. Dave and Chris for the bike stuff. Rusty for helping with the unknowing sponsorship. J. Michael for assistance with gear. Jeremy for reading all my blathering. Ake Panya International School for the hospitality. To Ian for volunteering to design what I'm sure will be an incredibly sweet page. Of course, to Mom and Ian for everything. And to Dad and Cleo for everything else. And whoever I glaringly forgot.

This whole trip, the whole thing, is dedicated to Wayne Ross.

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